Monday, May 31, 2010

Time Warp

It's been about a year since I gave this blog any attention. Here is a photo synopsis of the past year...

Chris ran in the Parks Half Marathon at the end of the summer. He had a fantastic race but Mary seemed more impressed with her pink balloon. Go figure.

In the fall Chris and I went to New Orleans. We are still talking about the bread pudding at Brennan's and the Swizzle Stick cocktails at Commander's Palace.

Then came the holidays. We spent ten days in New Hampshire for Christmas. It was fantastic aside from a trip to Urgent Care for an ear infection. We got to enjoy the Christmas preparations with our "Up North Family". We went to see the Nutcracker. It's great every year but this year was extra special because my sister's youngest, Harrison was IN the ballet.

Then we got to have a grown up dinner in Muffie and Dan's new house. It was a great night.

Here are the lovebirds on Christmas morning. We can't wait for the big wedding in September!

I got to bake with my two sisters. This was like an early Christmas present. We made a fantastic gingerbread cake. While Yvonne and I finished the cake, Robin whipped up dinner for fifteen. Dinner for that many people would have taken my at least three days. It took her about an hour. She is truly a domestic goddess.

We waited way too long to take this picture. I love you ladies!

While we were in NH, Maryland got hit with a major snow storm. I was so bummed. I love a good blizzard. Mother Nature must of heard me and delivered not one but two blizzards in February. It was so fun. I can say that because I wasn't the one doing all the shoveling.

In April Mother Nature bestowed upon us a little "I'm Sorry About the 4 Feet of Snow" gift. Spring came early and everyone cheered!

We had great weather for Easter this year. Mimi was so excited to wear the beautiful dress Noni got her for Easter. She would have worn it to bed the night before if I let her.

After church we went to Noni and Pop-Pop's for an egg hunt and dinner.

Pop-Pop really went the extra mile. After MC found all of her eggs it was a little anticlimactic for her. Sensing this Ken grabbed her basket and hid all of the eggs all over again.

After a costume change we headed back outside to play some ball.

The next weekend my two sisters and my nephew Ben visited for my birthday. Yvonne's visit was planned but Robin and Ben were a BIG surprise orchestrated by Chris. Thank you honey!

Believe it or not, this is the only picture I have to commemorate their visit. Clearly the Nikon DSLR was money well spent.

That brings us to yesterday and the Memorial Day BBQ at Aunt Tammy and Uncle Timmy's house. She needs a haircut and nine times out of ten refuses to look straight at the camera. Also, she was wearing a pajama shirt.

I caught up with the family while she played with her cousins Brian, Daniel, Kevin and of course Little Uncle Dave (sorry David, she had to come up with something to delineate between her two uncle Dave's) in the Brooks's great backyard. Chris was at home with a 102 degree fever. He seems to be doing much better today and has already made breakfast, mowed the lawn and washed the cars in the 90 degree weather. You just can't keep a good man down.

So there you go, you're all caught up.

We do have one more tidbit to share with the interwebs.... Mimi is going to be a big sister! We are expecting the newest Parks' around Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!


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