Saturday, June 12, 2010

iPhone Pictures

I just hooked up my phone to my macbook because it was acting a little weird and took the opportunity to upload these super duper random photos.

This was just the other day at the pool. When I tell you she refuses to look at the camera I'm not kidding.

Right after she finished this snack she asked some strangers at the pool to buy her something from the snack bar. Parenting can be so embarassing.

This is how the first half hour (ok more like hour) of Mary's day looks. Max and Ruby are STILL her favorite show.
When not watching too much tv and asking perfect strangers for treats she does learn cool things like how to write my name.

I realized I never documented Chris's running the Marine Corps Marathon on here. He ran it, even faster than his first marathon. Mary wanted to wear his cool medal to bed.

I took MC to a puppet show at the University of Maryland in April. She really took a liking to the campus. Fingers crossed UMD is an all girls school by 2025.

We are BIG Caps fans in this house. Sadly the they lost in Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs to the Habs just hours after this picture was taken.

Oh and these little Hello Kitty cupcakes? I just thought the interwebs should know I made them. They were covered in fondant so they tasted dreadful but look at the cuteness!

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