Monday, May 12, 2008

18 Months

Mary Catherine turned 18 months old on April 24th but she just had her well baby check up last Friday. She had a great appointment and is growing into a wonderful little girl.

Her stats are:

Weight - 26 lbs
Height - 31.5"

Loves....... shoes, saying "No", playing with Kecki (our neighbor's daughter Kennedy), watching Noggin in the early morning with Daddy, cheese, helping Mommy fold laundry, and decorating the front steps with her sidewalk chalk.

Dislikes....... most veggies, saying goodbye to Kecki, having to be quiet in church, being given any sort of instruction.

She is saying all kinds of things. My personal favorite is "sushi". Cracks me up every time!

Here are some recent pictures of Mary and her Daddy at the neighborhood playground

Mary loves to paint while Mommy makes dinner

This is Mary's favorite place to hang out.

Mary's Best Friend Kennedy

She loves walking her Teletubbies around the neighborhood.
Shhhhhhh, don't tell Mary they haven't made a new 'Tubbies episode since 1994.

My baby girl on Mother's Day

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