Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Benjamin's Graduation

So this post is just shy of a year old but because the main purpose of this blog is kind of a web based scrapbook I couldn't delete it.

It was a great day. My nephew and godson Benjamin graduated from high school (go Tide!). He and his friend Gordon, the son oldest of my sister's writing partner Suzanne from had a joint party. Every time I see Gordon I feel very old. He and his younger brother were some of my favorite little people to babysit when I was in high school. Now he's a sophomore in college. Oh heavens, my crow's feet are multiplying.

Ben had already made the decision to take a gap year and travel to Asia to work with disadvantaged children with the group Global Roots After an exhaustive fund raising effort he made the trip and in the process made his family very proud.

Ben recently decided to go to St. John's College here in Annapolis in the fall. His mother will miss him but I am so excited about having one of my nephews living right down the street.

Ben is amazing with children. Might have something to do with coming from a family of eight children. I call him the Toddler Whisperer.

Mary-Catherine loved the pool.

Here's Big Uncle Dave (Ben's Dad) and Chris doing man stuff.

Congratulations Benny, the best is yet to come!


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