Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Chris, Mary Catherine and I made the long haul to my family's house in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. We alternate Christmas and Thanksgiving each year spending the other holiday with our family in Maryland.

They always welcome us with open arms and offer the promise of a memorable holiday. We had dinner for 23 people today, 21 of which was immediate family. It's a big family in a big house filled with lots of teenagers.... I mean memories.

Chris is sitting with the men watching television, Mary is tucked in bed upstairs in Ellie and Muffie's room and I should be helping my sister pick up the fourty-seven different dessert offerings we had today. Instead I am in the wacky "Harry Potter's room under the stairs" sort of computer room. It's perhaps the coziest spot in the house.

I thought I would take a few moments to give thanks.

I am thankful for............

The two people that hold my heart, Christopher and Mary Catherine.

Our family. We are truly blessed.

It has been an incredibly difficult year for our family the Browns in Florida. I am thankful for healing hearts and new beginnings.

Flat irons

Automatic timer coffee makers

Miss Peggy. Please promise to keep the doors of your in home daycare open until Mary and any of her future siblings are pre-school age. Pretty please?

Our fantastic neighbors, Erik and Stephanie. They are true friends.

Our mothers. Thank you both for helping us in your own ways.

My sister's fantastic Thanksgiving stuffing. To die for.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here's to full bellies, football and pumpkin desserts!


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