Thursday, November 6, 2008

2nd Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl. She has a great time at her party. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us, sent cards, balloons, gifts and called the birthday princess. What a lucky girl!

Somebody was caught having an early birthday treat!

Mary and her cousin Madison who came all the way from Florida to celebrate. We are still talking about her visit. We miss you Maddie!

It's a Bunny Party! We had Max and Ruby cake of course.

Our girl made quick work of her cake.

Mary took a break from the party to color with Uncle Dave.

Here is the little baker enjoying some of her birthday gifts. After I took this picture I told her it was time to take a bath. She replied "No mommy, Mimi cooking for two minutes".


Stephanie said...

OMGah! She is too cute for words!

But I can't believe you invited Ruby; what a stick in the mud she is, ha ha ha!

Dana said...

hi mary its me maddy i love you i wish i was still there so did you have fun in your new bed because nana showed me the pictures and did you have fun in your new kitchen i love you and i miss you call me any time you want to talk 1954- 701-4977 write me back on my dads email dye.

Sarah said...


Max and Ruby-- genius! I love them-- even bossy Ruby.

megan said...

She is such a doll! I loved the Ruby costume!

Suzanne Ellinwood/Robin Broadbent said...

Wicked cute!! You are so good with the pictures--me and your sister could use a lesson or two...

Ellen said...

Very cute pictures! How are you guys? Haven't "seen" you recently!

Courtney said...

Love it! The cake is fantastic. M&R is back on as the favorite chez Benjamin.

The Potts Family said...

I came across your blog while looking for Max and Ruby birthday themes.
Where did you get your cake toppers?
Why don't they make more Max and Ruby birthday supplies??!!!

The party looks great. I'm doing one in August - my daughter will be turning 3 - she is in love with Max and Ruby.

Any tips you have would be much appreciated!

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