Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Week at the Beach

We spent the last week of July at the beach in New Hampshire with my sister and her family as well as two of our cousins and their families. We had a wonderful time thanks to good company and great weather.
Chris and I would also like to personally thank the genius who invented the head rest mounted dvd player. This modern marvel made the 9 hour drive (each way) so much more pleasant.
Here is what you came here!
Our niece and nephew Ellie and Harrison
These two were the BEST helpers all week. Mary is still asking "Where niecey and Harry go?"
Mary and Bozo Crazy Driver!

Mary Catherine and Daddy in Newburyport

Mary fell in love with the train table
......and the rocking horse
Here's Mary reminding Mommy and Daddy what flowers look like if you remember to water them regularly. We're still waiting for one of us to develop a green thumb.

Here are Tess, Mary and Ellie after the delish steak dinner that Chris prepared for the group.
How cute is she????
Ellie played such jazzy tunes on Tess's Barbie guitar. Mary just had to dance!
Mary, Fuf, Ellie and Harry hiding in the back.
She loved the sand so much she ended up dipping all her beach snacks in it.


Stephanie said...

She's an absolute doll!

Looks like you guys had some well deserved fun.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh-- how adorable!! I am so jealous--I can't wait to take the boys to the beach :)

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