Friday, October 26, 2007

My Friend Mumble

Mary Catherine has a new friend! When she was just itsy-bitsy her Great Aunt June sent her a giant stuffed penguin named Mumble from the Disney movie Happy Feet. He is from Build-a-Bear and from what I can figure out without actually having seen the movie, he is a main character. She has always been fond of the little (err, big) guy but it seems their friendship is now in full bloom.
She insists on dragging Mumble all around the house. Her main mode of locomotion is still crawling so you can imagine how cute she looks pulling a 2 ft tall penguin behind her. After noticing her new affinity for the furry friend, her Nana laminated a newspaper picture of Mumble. MC now carries the picture around, showing off her buddy to anyone that is interested.
1 year olds are quirky.....and wonderful!


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