Thursday, October 25, 2007

12 Month Check Up

Yesterday was Mary Catherine's 12 Month Check Up. I scheduled the appt for her actual birthday as it made a great excuse to leave work early and celebrate with our Peanut.

Four shots later and we were leaving the doctors office with a teary eyed birthday girl. A little nap and a few nibbles of strawberry shortcake and Operation First Birthday was back on track.

Other than the aforementioned shots, the appointment went well. Here are her stats:

7 lbs 2 oz
17.5" long

One Year
20 lbs 5 oz
28" long

She is just under the 50 percentile for little girls her age.

As I put Mary Catherine to bed last night I was feeling a little nostalgic. I told her all about her first day of life one year ago and how amazed I am at what a perfect little person she has become. She looked at me, said "Eeeooow, eeooow", grabbed a fistful of pacifiers, rolled over and fell asleep. I suspect the toddler years are going to be very fun :)


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