Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happily Ever After

Our niece Muffie got married to a fantastic man on September 25th. We were lucky enough to have a front row seat to all of the festivities as I was the Matron of Honor and Mary-Catherine was the flower girl.

Muffie is the oldest of eight children, six of which are boys which means this wedding was...... a BIG event.

I can't get enough of the vintage cake topper. The wedding had a late 1950's flare. Wedding crashers were welcome as long as they looked like Don Draper or Roger Sterling.

Heading into the church for the rehearsal. Muffie rarely takes a bad picture and I'm a brat. Sorry Muf.

The soon to be Groom, Bride and Mother of the Bride.

Nana, Mary-Catherine and my sister, Mother of the Bride. Half way through the rehearsal dinner MC asked my sister if she could be her other mother. Which seems weird unless you take into consideration her current mother is a cranky pregnant lady who doesn't allow her to have popsicles for breakfast.

The adorable bride was the picture of grace on her wedding day. Thank you Muffie and Dan for sharing your day with us.


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