Sunday, March 1, 2009

Race Day

Morning y'all! It's 9:45 am which means Chris has been running for two hours and fifteen minutes.

It's a balmy 32 degrees out and there is a crust of icy snow on the ground. Sounds like a perfect day for a 26.2 mile run, huh?

I feel very guilty sitting here in our toasty warm living room knowing that Chris is outside running and running and runninng and running and running...............

Mary and I are getting ready to head back to Severna Park High School to get a good spot to see our
hero cross the finish line. I hope to get some good shots of him finishing the race.

Here are some pictures from this morning. Not too many as in the minutes leading up to the race Chris just kind of disappeared and the next thing I knew he was off and running.

"Oh look, there he is!"

"And there he goes......."

Noni and Mary Catherine braving the elements

Mary Catherine has a post marathon goodie bag packed and ready to go for her Dad. Ice packs, Advil, electrolyte chews and some hot herbal tea. She can't wait to get back to see the runners. She's pretty convinced she saw Michelle Obama running in the race.

As an aside, Mary is very entertaining these days. Earlier this morning she told me that "only women can drive minivans". Last night when I was making cupcakes for Girls Night Out (or Girls Night In at Beth's house :) she asked who they were for. I told her the cupcakes were for my friends and she ask me to "make sure I save some for my family".


Suzanne and Robin (from right to left) said...

OMG you are such a cute wonderful family we love you soooooooooo much and we are so proud of Chris :)

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