Monday, October 20, 2008


Lately Mary has been telling me (and anyone else who will listen) that when her daddy is at work he is busy making donuts.

Looks like Chris's donut making days are over.

We woke up to very chilly weather and while Mimi and I sat in a nice warm car, my sweet husband scraped the ice off of the windshield. After the de-icing we headed to Noni's house. On our way she asked "Mommy, where did Daddy go?" I answered as I usually do, "He went to work". This is the part where she usually tells me "Daddy is at work making donuts." Not today......

Congratulations Chris, you now work as a Car Washer!

Children really do say the funniest things.

Note: My apologies to any donut makers or car washers who might be reading this silly little blog. You are doing God's work really. Who doesn't love a fresh donut and a clean car?


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