Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Twenty-three months

MC turns TWO in exactly one month! Life with an almost two year old is anything but boring. She has favorite songs (Allergies by the Bare Naked Ladies), favorite shows (Max and Ruby) and favorite foods............. oh wait no she doesn't. She hates to eat in the presence of her parents. It is very frustrating at meal times and often embarassing. Our apologies to the patrons of Potbelly Sanwiches in Annapolis last Saturday afternoon.

But all screeching aside she is a perfect little pumpkin and we are enjoying watching her grow.

One of her favorite things to do lately is to walk with Mommy to get the mail.

She always starts out very excited about the adventure to the mailbox.

Once that mail key is in her hand she is all business.
It is at this point that she usually starts asking if there are any lollipops in the mail box for her. That isn't even our mailbox. Ours is too high for her to reach so she pretends with our neighbor's mail box. Which is fine until she breaks the key off in their lock and is arrested for mail fraud. Once the mail (and sometimes lollipops -thank you Nana) is in our possession it is a mad dash back to the house to sit on the steps and see what treasures our mail lady has delivered.
This day she was thrilled to learn Lands End was having a sale on anoraks. "Ook Mommy, Mimi jacket". And this photo was taken seconds after I suggested we go inside and have dinner. She has perfected the Throw Yourself on the Ground and Go Limp.

By the time we get inside and she gets in her book basket all tantrums are forgotten. Being almost two sure is fun :)


megan said...

She is just too adorable! Thanks for the comment on my I can see what Mary is up to!

Courtney said...

She's gorgeous!

Thanks for the OBX rec. We went tonight, although, they've changed their name to Cafe 12, and due to shrimp inflation, they are now $.19 shrimp. :)

Stephanie said...

Those pigtails are to die for! And I'm laughing SO hard at the "throw yourself on the ground" pic.

Ah, the life of a toddler!

AMB said...

She's adorable and jeesh she's getting so big! Hope you are all enjoying autumn. See you for thanksgiving! xo Alyssa

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