Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Picture Time!

We hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day and President's Day long weekend. We've been battling the flu since last Wednesday. Chris and I spent our Valentine's evening at Nighttime Pediatrics begging the doctors for something to make me feel like a human again.
They were kind enough to prescribe Tamiflu which allowed Chris and Nana to avoid the full blown flu. I was not so lucky but was happy knowing the rest of the household would not have to deal with the 103 degree fever and all over yuck. As of this evening Mary seems to be coming down with something and as usual it has presented itself as a scary, croupy cough. Ugh!
On a much lighter note, here are some recent pictures taken right before Valentine's Day.

Thank you for my frog boops, Auntie Cis. I'm still learning how to walk in them but they are fabulous!


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