Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Playing catch up

It has been a while since I have posted. Like everyone else out there we have been busy with the early bustle of the holidays.

Here is a quick recap of the past few weeks:

* Mary got tooth number two. It is a big top tooth.

* Chris's company moved (from Rockville to Rockville, just a new fancy building). This meant no downtime for him this past weekend. If you see him and he is looking a little weary cut him some slack. Mary and I will see to it that he gets at least one "sleep in" morning this weekend.

* We've had a few appointments with Pediatric Cardiologists regarding MC's heart murmur. I'll make a very long story short. We all have a valve in her heart that is supposed to close permanently soon after birth. Mary's did not. It is called a PDA. When she was a newborn she went to the Children's Hospital annex in Annapolis, got lots of pictures taken of her heart and we were told to come back when she turned one. It was their hope (and ours) that the valve would have closed sometime during the year. Unfortunately hers remains open and will need to be closed. Letting the valve remain open allows too much blood flow to her lungs which would force her lungs to work harder than normal. It also leaves her susceptible to a viral infection in the heart called endocarditis. The procedure Mary will have done is called a Cardiac Catheterization. The doctors insist we call it a "procedure" and not surgery. We like this and are playing along.

She will have a small blocking device inserted into the open valve. It will be inserted via her femoral artery in her leg. This is much less invasive than the surgery that this condition used to require.

The doctor performing the procedure has the most experience on the east coast and was a pioneer of the procedure.
As of now the procedure is scheduled for Jan.4th. We will keep everyone posted.

* Mary had her first day at her new daycare today. She is going one day a week to see Miss Peggy and spending the rest of the weekdays home with Nana. We feel very lucky that Peggy had an opening available. She is Mary's best friend Kennedy's sitter and it will be so nice for the girls to get to play together during the week.
After Nana returns home to NH after Mary's procedure (see, I am trying so hard to not say surgery) Mary will go to Miss Peggy's full time.

* Mary got her third tooth....she now has a pair of front top teeth. They are marvelous!

* MC got her picture taken with Santa on Saturday. She may only be 13 months old but boy oh boy does she know who Santa is! She sat right there on his lap and gave him her best cheesecake smile. We are pretty sure her name is going to show up on Santa's "Nice" list.

* We are going with the Lyles's this weekend to cut down our Christmas trees! I am very excited about this. We have lots of boxes marked "Christmas" scattered around the living room. I can't wait to start decorating.

* MC is not walking. Crawling and cruising are getting the job done. Chris and I tried to convince her to give it a whirl last night. She took about 1/2 a step towards Chris then plopped down on the floor. In the meantime she has become a little dare devil around the house. She enjoys the following (with supervision, of course):
- Crawling up and down the stairs
- Standing up in her Anywhere Chair, spread her arms out straight and toss her head back.
- Stand on the door of the dishwasher to "help" unload the dishes.
- Her biggest "trick" to date is climbing over the arm of her kid size Anywhere Chair onto
the neighboring love seat. This cracks her up every time.

* I am making a promise to you (yes, you. Probably the only person that reads this thing) to post more pictures. I have a lot of excuses, none of them good ones.


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