Monday, October 22, 2007

Teeth!!! Well not exactly

Mary Catherine is just two days shy of her 1st birthday and still toothless. For those of you that aren't knee-deep in parenthood - this is not exactly the norm. Most kiddos her age are working on their sixth, seventh or even eighth tooth. Not our little princess.

The reason for this boring, picture-less post is to confirm to all of her family and friends that MC does in fact have teeth. They are just waiting for the right time to make their grand entrance. I can confirm this with much confidence as two teeth were spotted under hers gums during an early morning snuggle fest in Mom & Dad's bed. There we are watching CBS's Sunday Morning (this is a big deal in our house), MC using Chris and I as her personal jungle gym when she gave us a rare peek inside her little mouth. There they were, two teeth (one bottom, one top) JUST under the surface.

Stay tuned...............

Ok, don't hold your breath. We have had our fair share of false alarms but I think this time is the real thing...I can feel it!


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