Thursday, February 7, 2008

Breaking News

Mary Catherine Parks is a walker!

She took her first itsy bitsy steps when we were in New Hampshire for Christmas. She had a a big audience (all eight of the Broadbent kids) cheering her on and she seized the moment.

After all of the fanfare she took a hiatus until Jan. 27th. We went to Virginia to visit Mom mom and Mary decided Monica's apartment was the perfect venue for walking. She let go of my hands and took about ten steps right into Daddy's arms. Picture perfect, except there are no pictures :( Marilyn was there and is always prepared with her camera or video camera. She got what we thought was great footage but come to find out the room was way too bright and nothing came out.

This week she is really getting the hang of it and is choosing to walk instead of crawl about half of the time. Truly amazing. I was beginning to think she was going to crawl to kindergarten.

Stay tuned for pictures and video of the walking. She is too smart and stops walking when she sees the video camera come out.

Chris and I are in such trouble, aren't we?

Here are some pictures I took of Mary on Monday night. Chris was in class and I had to keep Mary up past her bedtime so we could pick Nana up at the airport.

Such a happy little peanut...

All Bundled Up and Ready to Go

Mary helped her Dad put up another gate.


Stephanie said...

Yay! The sweetest thing is when they're learning to walk. Enjoy this, it's perfect.


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